Prepare For The Hunt With This Spooky Cinematic Trailer For The Witcher III: Wild Hunt


Geralt of Rivia, your time is almost upon us. With only a few days between now and the grand debut of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, Polish dev CD Projekt Red have pulled back the curtain on a spooky new trailer for the upcoming RPG, showcasing our grizzled protagonist doing what he does best: putting demonic monsters to the sword.

While the high-end trailer – entitled A Night to Remember – is in no way representative of the final product in terms of visuals, there are still a lot of neat cues to the process of tracking and slaying the array of beasts roaming the Northern Kingdoms. First up, there’s the art of deception, before Geralt is seen chugging a potion in order to protect himself from the oncoming threat, and then the battle itself. It’s a stunning snippet and one that only adds to the franchise’s legacy of producing truly stunning launch trailers.

At the time of writing, Wild Hunt is already in the hands of select reviewers, and the early opinions making their way onto the interwebs have been overwhelmingly positive, praising the game’s mammoth scope and pitch-perfect atmosphere. This soft launch hasn’t been without issues of its own, however, with CD Projekt Red prepping a day-one patch in order to rectify framerate issues found on the PlayStation 4 version of the RPG.

Expect Geralt of Rivia’s story to get its own conclusion when The Witcher III: Wild Hunt makes its debut across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 19.

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