How To Put Out The Fire In Resident Evil 3 Remake’s Demo

Resident Evil 3

The recently released demo for Resident Evil 3 remake may serve to provide just a taster of what’s to come when the full game launches next week, but there’s still plenty of puzzles to solve, zombies to kill and, well, just the one Nemesis (thankfully) to run away from.

Beginning in the subway station where survivors of the T-Virus outbreak are currently taking shelter, Jill is tasked with restoring power to the underground railway as their main objective in the demo. Unfortunately for you, the alleyways connecting downtown Raccoon City to the power substation are quite literally on fire, so you’ll first need to quench the flames before going any further.

Unsurprisingly, total societal collapse has made dialing emergency services futile, so you’ll need to brave the streets in the search for a fire hose.

The all-important item is housed inside the Kite Bros. Railway building just a few clicks away from Moon’s Donuts and you’ll have to deal with (or evade) a few undead in order to get there. Once inside, head down the open corridor – taking out any aggressors – and take a right. There, coiled up on the floor will be the fire hose. Pick it up, but before you head back out, be sure to strip the room nearby of any necessary supplies, including the shotgun. Do note, however, that you’ll need the bolt cutters from Moon’s Donuts in order to break open the safety cage.

As for the fire hose, you can now retrace your steps back to the burning alley and put the fires out, though beware – picking up the key item triggers the arrival of Nemesis and you’ll need to avoid him in order to reach the hydrant. For more guides, including how to find the code and open the safe in Resident Evil 3‘s demo, visit the links provided.

Good luck!