R2-D2, Lightsabers And AT-ATs Feature In DICE Dev Diary For Star Wars Battlefront


More than anything, last week proved to be a rather excellent week to be a Star Wars fan. Buoyed the fever-pitch excitement generated at the annual Star Wars Celebration event in Anaheim, Disney and EA went all-out to dazzle moviegoers and gamers alike with new footage for upcoming products based on Lucasfilm’s galaxy far, far away.

And in a bid to keep the momentum trucking along, developer DICE has published a new dev diary that takes fans behind the scenes of the in-development Star Wars Battlefront, the third-person shooter coming by way of the creative minds behind Battlefield. Having gained unprecedented access to the film’s vaults, not to mention visiting real-world locations where the original trilogy was filmed all those years ago, it’s readily apparent that the company is striving for authenticity in the blockbuster, which will allegedly be the most realistic Star Wars universe ever created in the video game industry.

A lofty claim, of course, but there’s no doubting the astute visuals on display. In fact, DICE was quick to assure fans that projecting realistic images is only half the battle, with the studio also delegating resources to ensure the sound design is second to none – sound design that will hopefully ensure that those childhood memories of Lucasfilm’s trilogy come flooding back.

We learned just yesterday that Battlefront will beam the long-running series back to its roots, and will also swap out a single-player campaign in favor of split-screen co-op. Whether the graphics will look quite as good as Friday’s vertical slice is up for question, and considering that DICE has ensured that all three versions will run at 60 frames-per-second, don’t be too surprised if the console release pales in comparison to the glossy first trailer in terms of graphics.

Whatever the case, Star Wars Battlefront demands our attention for much more than mere visuals, and we’ll no doubt learn more about DICE’s passion project in the build-up to its November launch.

Source: GameStop