Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 Content Announced, Includes Eight New Operators, Four New Maps


Ubisoft has released the first round of details for Rainbow Six Siege‘s second year of content, which includes confirmation that it will feature eight brand new Operators as well as four new free maps. Last month, the publisher announced its plans to support the tactical shooter with another full year of updates for 2017, although only now do we know what exactly that will entail. A handy roadmap (via GameSpot) below reveals everything you need to know.


Split into four separate seasons, two Operators, a map and new primary/secondary weapons will be released in each segment, with the first on that list apparently due to drop at some point in February. What’s more, each season is themed after a certain country, with the flags of Spain, Hong Kong, Poland and South Korea adorning their respective season slots. Each of the four new maps will be set in these territories.

As for Rainbow Six Siege‘s Year 1 suite of DLC, Ubisoft has already removed it from sale, instead replacing it with the Legacy Operator Bundle. This includes all eight Operators released within the shooter’s first year of release and costs 2400 R6 Credits (approx. $20) to buy.

If that’s too pricey for your tastes, picking up the Year 2 Season Pass will knock 600 R6 Credits off the usual price, saving you a few bucks. A new retail edition of the game (below) – is being made available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 that includes all Year 1 and Year 2 content, although it’ll set you back around $100.

Ubisoft will no doubt have more details to share in regards to the new characters and maps closer to Year 2’s start date, so we’ll keep you posted as and when they come.