Ubisoft Will Continue To Support Rainbow Six Siege With New Content Throughout 2017


Ubisoft’s tactical first-person shooter Rainbow Six Siege will continue to receive new content updates throughout 2017, the developer has confirmed via Twitter.

Details on what kinds of content players should expect heading into the game’s second year have yet to be revealed, but assuming Ubisoft sticks to the same structure established this year, you can probably expect to see new maps and perhaps even modes released for free alongside paid-for content that includes new Operators (characters) and skins for existing combatants.

The entirety of 2016’s add-ons were offered by way of a Season Pass as well as being made available for individual purchase, but no plans for a second have been confirmed just yet.

The news follows last week’s unveiling of Operation Red Crowa new expansion to the core game that will introduce two new premium Operatives – Hibana and Echo – and a free map: Skyscraper.

A free-to-play weekend for Rainbow Six Siege aiming to entice some new blood into the mix has just concluded on PC and PlayStation 4, but if you missed that one, you can be sure that Ubisoft will open the gates again at some point in the future.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Red Crow goes live this Thursday, November 17. Expect to see the dispatch of a launch trailer within the next few days.