Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Red Crow Expansion Releases On All Platforms Next Week


The next major expansion for Rainbow Six Siege storms its way onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC next week, November 17, Ubisoft has confirmed. Taking players to Japan, Operation Red Crow promises to introduce new strategies for players by way of two new playable Operators as well as a free new multiplayer map – Skyscraper.

We’ll have to wait until Ubisoft’s live demo of Operation Red Crow during the Season 3 Rainbow Six Pro League finals on Sunday for an in-depth look of the Skyscraper map, but here’s the lowdown on the new Operators.

“Hibana is an expert at gaining entry in high risk areas thanks to her explosive leadership on the filed,” so says Ubisoft, her SuperNova and Type-89 primary weapons allowing for “rapid movement” while also “providing precise room-to-room clearings.”

As for Echo, Ubisoft describes him as a “tactical and technology-driven Operator” who comes equipped with the SuperNova and MP5SD4 primaries, perfect in “Close Quarter Battle contexts.”

Following the same precedent set with other new Operators, both will be released first for Season Pass holders before being made unlockable for all players a week later with Renown or R6 Credits.

In order to entice some new blood into the mix, from today, Ubisoft is holding a free-to-play weekend for Rainbow Six Siege on PlayStation 4, Steam and Uplay starting today, so there’s no excuse not to give it a go.