Mystery Gift Pokémon Will Help Prepare You For Sword And Shield’s Isle Of Armor DLC

Pokemon Sword and Shield

The first major expansion for hugely successful Switch exclusives Pokémon Sword and Shield is due to finally arrive next month and Game Freak is celebrating with a raft of new in-game events.

From now until June 11th, the developer is distributing four different Pocket Monsters via the pair’s Mystery Gift feature, all of which hail from the Galar region. For those who long ago completed the island’s Pokédex in order to obtain the sought-after Shiny Charm, there’s still ample reason to take advantage of this promotion, as each Pokémon obtained from the event will have access to their Hidden Ability. Normally, these can only be obtained either through potentially laborious breeding and/or limited-time events, so it’s definitely worth taking Game Freak up on its offer this time around.

See below for a full list of Pokémon included in the giveaway.

Galarian Mr. Mime

  • Available from May 21st
  • Hidden Ability: Ice Body
  • Items included: Lure Ball, Moon Ball, Heavy Ball and Dream Ball

Galarian Ponyta

  • Available from May 28th
  • Hidden Ability: Anticipation
  • Items included: Level Ball, Fast Ball, Love Ball, Friend Ball and Beast Ball

Galarian Corsola

  • Available from June 4th
  • Hidden Ability: Cursed Body
  • Items included: Sweet Apple, Tart Apple, Chipped Pot, Cracked Pot, Sachet and Whipped Cream

Galarian Meowth

  • Available from June 11th
  • Hidden Ability: Unnerve
  • Items included: 50 Big Nuggets and 100 Exp. Candies L

A mixed bag of competitive-viable Hidden Abilities, then, with Galarian Corsola’s Cursed Body likely to be the best of the bunch. Regardless of whether you’re interested in the subject of each week’s giveaway, though, it’s worth grabbing Galarian Meowth on June 11th just for the additional item rewards alone. 50 Big Nuggets will net you a cool 1 million Poké Dollars while 100 Exp. Candies L will boost the level of any individual Pokémon close to 100 right off the bat.

Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s Isle of Armor DLC is scheduled for launch sometime in June and introduces a brand new area filled with never-before-seen Pokémon to catch. See here for everything we know so far.