Report: Starbucks And McDonald’s To Become Sponsored PokeStops In Pokemon Go


Part and parcel of Pokemon Go‘s inherent appeal is that, much like other mobile giants, Niantic’s AR title is available to download free of charge through Google Play and the App Store.

Adopting a freemium business model, the developer then pulls in revenue from in-app purchases – potions and incense to attract those elusive critters, in this instance – though Niantic head honcho John Hanke has indicated that sponsored PokeStops will soon be implemented into the title.


No exact timeline was given for the update, but it appears Starbucks and McDonald’s are two high-street chains that are eager to get in on the MMO action. Similar in nature to Niantic’s approach with its fellow location-based game Ingress, Hanke told The New York Times that brokering a deal with retail establishments represents an “intriguing moneymaking possibility” that could potentially safeguard Pokemon Go‘s longevity.

The game’s real-world nature also gives Niantic another intriguing moneymaking possibility, by charging fast-food restaurants, coffee shops and other retail establishments to become sponsored locations where people are motivated to go to pick up virtual loot.

In related news, one eagle-eyed Reddit user reports that, should players exploit the app’s GPS settings, Pokemon Go will implement some limitations as punishment, stating that: “You can’t get items from Pokestops. 2. You can’t catch Pokemon. Any Pokemon, irrespective of its CP, will run away after you throw a Pokeball. 3. You can’t battle or claim a Gym.”

Pokemon Go continues to occupy headlines left and right, with word of a live-action movie entering development at Legendary Pictures. Yes, Poke-mania has gripped the globe, and that means a handful of Go-related stories have emerged that are truly stranger than fiction.

Source: Reddit