Report: Twitter Integration, YouTube Broadcasting And More Headed To PlayStation 4 Via Firmware 3.0



As PlayStation 4 passed its one-year anniversary last October, Sony rolled out a hoard of long-requested features in the form of firmware 2.0, which bundled together YouTube integration and Share Play. Now, the Japanese giant is seemingly gearing up for the inevitable firmware 3.0, and according to a leaked report spotted by NeoGaf user crinale, it’s set to double down on the console’s user interface.

Now that PS4 users have the ability to upload clips to YouTube, firmware 3.0 will allegedly take that one step further by allowing consoles to broadcast directly to the platform – perhaps via some integration with YouTube Gaming? Beyond that, the unconfirmed document teases an overhauled community system, while the message functionality looks set for an upgrade, too.

“Event” menu is added that allows you to find events related to PlayStation, join them and watch them.
“Community” is added to “friend” menu that allows you to make new community or join existing ones.
“Now Playing” is added to “friend”, “community”, “message” and profile screen that allows you to display games members are currently playing. You can request to join their games or request to broadcast the game.
“Message” function has been improved that it displays “now playing” and allows you to start party easily. You can add groups to your favorite list.
You can broadcast via YouTube.
You can upload short (10 sec) game clips to Twitter.

Much like previous software updates, Sony is planning a closed beta test with firmware 3.0 before its eventual public release. No word yet on a rough timeline for the arrival of PS4’s software improvements, though we’ll be sure to keep you posted as we learn more.

Tell us, which features do you think PlayStation 4 is still lacking? Let us know your thoughts below.

Source: NeoGaf

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