New Resident Evil 2 DLC Unlocks Every In-Game Reward

Resident Evil 2

Since the incredibly popular Resident Evil 2 remake dropped this past January, we here at We Got This Covered have been letting you know how to unlock various aspects of the game that aren’t necessarily available to you right off the bat. While some things may be a little more obvious such as unlocking Hunk and Tofu, others require a bit more guidance like, say, obtaining weapons with infinite ammo.

Well, what Capcom didn’t tell anyone was that if you waited until April, you could just buy everything for the cost of an average value meal at a fast food restaurant. Believe it or not, the Resident Evil 2 All In-game Rewards Unlock DLC can now be purchased through the Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store and Steam. For the price of $4.99, you’ll have all of this at your disposal:

  • The 4th Survivor Game Mode
  • The Tofu Survivor Game Mode
  • Unbreakable Combat Knife
  • Samurai Edge with Infinite Ammo
  • LE-5 Submachine Gun with Infinite Ammo
  • ATM-4 Rocket Launcher with Infinite Ammo
  • Minigun with Infinite Ammo
  • Additional Resident Evil 2 Costumes
  • Models
  • Concept Art

To be honest, I thought something like this would be made available at some point – just not this soon after initial release. Furthermore, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Capcom were to release a Resident Evil 2: Gold Edition in early 2020, packing it to the brim with all DLC in one delicious physical copy. They’ve certainly done it before for a few previous entries in the franchise.

So, now that the Rocket Launcher and Minigun are readily available, I’d like to see Rookie difficulty added to a possible souped-up edition of Resident Evil 2, should one hit shelves as I just theorized. For those unfamiliar, it was introduced in the Dual Shock Edition (PS1) and PC version of the 1998 original, before making its way to subsequent Dreamcast and Gamecube ports. In that, you were granted a Submachine Gun right from the start, with a Rocket Launcher and Gatling Gun there for the taking once you opened your first item box. That, my friends, would be cool to see in the remake, not to mention ideal for speedruns.

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