Resident Evil 2 Remake Has Now Passed 1 Million Sales On PC


What’s the one thing that Monster Hunter World, Resident Evil 7, the hugely successful Resident Evil 2 remake and the recent Devil May Cry 5 all have in common? Capcom, of course, and we probably don’t need to tell you that the Japanese giant is on something of a roll right now.

All four releases exceeded expectations in their own right – most recently with DMC 5, which we called a “crowning achievement in design.” It’s a slick and insanely fun love letter to the Devil May Cry games of old, while the three-character setup (V, Nero, and Dante) brings something fresh and exciting to the franchise.

But circling back to Resident Evil 2, and while it’s far from a perfect experience, the remake is still devilishly terrifying and a real thrill to play, delivering to us a healthy dose of pure survival horror in the process. And now, we’re learning that the PC version has passed 1 million sales – a hugely impressive achievement considering that it’s only been out for about 2 months.

To put things into perspective, Resident Evil 7 hasn’t even broken a million sales on PC and it released back in January 2017. Clearly, then, RE2 has been a massive success for Capcom, which as we said above, is currently basking in the overwhelmingly positive reviews for Devil May Cry 5, another extremely polished and refined title for the Japanese giant.

With that in mind, is Resident Evil 3: Nemesis next to come? We’ll find out very soon, but for now, fans can at least take solace in the fact that Resident Evil 2 has been remade in stunning fashion and will continue to bring us much enjoyment for a while yet.