See What Happens When You Get Cornered By Mr. X And Two Lickers In Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2

By now, I certainly hope you’ve had the chance to play the recently released Resident Evil 2 remake. Though it didn’t top the 1998 original in my view, it’s one fantastic entry into the long-running survival horror franchise that I simply can’t get enough of.

Whether or not you’ve been able to partake in the fun, odds are you’ve seen the dreadful Mr. X popping up in videos on your social media feed. To date, the sharply dressed Tyrant has confounded players and likely forced them to poop their pants on various occasions.

That said, one can only imagine how it is for first time players to run into him while also being confronted by Lickers at a dead end. Actually, you need not wonder any longer, because “YipYapYoup” uploaded their own gameplay video to Reddit (seen below) that illustrates what it’s like to be truly screwed. I’m not sure if that lone punch from Mr. X was indeed a deathblow though, as the footage could’ve been amended for dramatic effect.

via Gfycat

In case you’re wondering why Mr. X is moving so quickly, that’s because said gamer was supposedly playing on “Hardcore” difficulty, which I’ve yet to experience for myself. I’ll probably get there one day, but I’m currently working my way through Leon’s 2nd Run. After that, I’ll have completed all four scenarios, so there’ll be time to challenge myself further down the line.

But should you find yourself in pickle with Mr. X, remember that it’s always best to have a flash grenade at your disposable. Those babies actually stun him for a while, giving you ample time to maneuver past him and find safe haven in a save room – or someplace else he can’t enter, such as the STARS office.

As for Lickers, the best remedy when encountering them is either a well-placed acid round from Claire or a shotgun shell from Leon. Granted, the latter will take a few repeated blastings, but I feel it’s best to save Leon’s magnum bullets for boss fights.

Before we part ways, feel free to share details of your own narrow escapes from Resident Evil 2‘s Mr. X in the comments section below!