Resident Evil 3 Concept Art Reveals Original Designs For Jill And Nemesis


Capcom’s long-awaited remake of Resident Evil 3 is so close to release that we can almost hear the collective screams of terror as players take their first footsteps through the reimagined nightmare.

In just a few short weeks, both fans of the 1999 original and relative series newcomers alike will once more return to Raccoon City to experience a nail-biting tale of survival horror like no other, and just like last year’s Resident Evil 2, the developer is pouring its heart and soul into ensuring this installment is received just as positively as its predecessor. Indeed, from everything we’ve seen so far, we can only respond with a sense of awe at the sheer beauty of Raccoon City’s early 90s metropolitan aesthetic, replete with neon signs flooding the streets with all colors of the rainbow.

The same goes for each of the threequel’s main cast, of course, with Jill, Carlos and the fearsome Nemesis all receiving total redesigns to bring them in line with modern tastes. Speaking of which, the studio has just released several new pieces of concept that detail the design process for all the game’s major components which you can check out below.

Besides Nemesis looking largely identical in his transition from paper to screen, both Jill and Carlos have seemingly undergone various tweaks and adjustments, with this latest art providing a fascinating insight into how Capcom ultimately arrived upon each hero’s final designs. It’s Raccoon City itself, however, that’ll arguably be the standout star of Resident Evil 3. A clear, concerted effort to make every brick and street corner stand out is obvious and we, as well as no doubt many others, can’t wait to start exploring the doomed mountain town first-hand.

Resident Evil 3 is out April 3rd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, with a demo scheduled to arrive sometime prior. For everything we know so far on that front, see here.