Awesome Resident Evil 3 Easter Egg Makes Fun Of Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 3

The best thing about developers placing subtle Easter eggs into their games is how they work purely based on prior knowledge. The recent discovery of an allusion to Batman included with Mortal Kombat 11‘s Spawn, for example, could be passed off as simple flavor text for anyone not aware of the pair’s previous encounters, but for DC fans? The nod is much, much too obvious to be mistaken.

The vaguer such things are, the more delight fanbases get out of their discovery, though oftentimes, such instances are simply misinterpreted. It’s in this camp that a certain Resident Evil 3 reference belongs to, especially given the incredibly tenuous connections. Check out the images provided by prominent leaker AestheticGamer below and see if you can’t spot the supposed link.

No luck?

According to the Twitter user, a movie poster for Disaster present in Raccoon City is a reference to the lukewarm critical reception Resident Evil 6 received back in 2012. Particular note is made of the near-identical hand silhouettes in the foreground of both images but beyond that, we’re not so convinced that such a connotation was Capcom’s intention.

There’s every chance that we’re wrong, of course, and if it truly is the case that the developer is engaging in some self-deprecation, all the more kudos to it. The series’ sixth installment, after all, is considered to be by far the weakest entry to date and ultimately led to Capcom soft rebooting the franchise five years later with the acclaimed Resident Evil 7. Even so, the former still boasts millions of sales and remains one of the developer’s most successful creations to date.

What with the return to Resident Evil‘s survival horror roots in recent years attracting all sorts of accolades, though, fans can rest easy knowing the reinvigorated approach to the series is here to stay.

Resident Evil 3‘s remake is out April 3rd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.