Resident Evil 3 Image Reveals New Weapon For Nemesis

Resident evil 3

Visuals and gameplay aren’t the only components of Resident Evil 3 being upgraded for its long-awaited remake.

Recently, developer Capcom showcased a first official look at protagonist Jill and Carlos’ redesigns, as well as Raccoon City itself. Zombie-infested streets and alleys crisscrossing the ill-fated town like a web of veins look gorgeous in the trailer shown off during Sony’s State of Play last week, but one core component was noticeably missing. Created by Umbrella to be the ultimate bioweapon, Nemesis remains one of the series’ most iconic villains, being denied the top spot only by Albert Wesker.

That being the case, it comes as little surprise that Capcom is keeping Nemesis’ current-gen redesign under wraps and so far, we’ve only caught indirect glimpses of the heavily modified Tyrant. With that said, however, a fresh batch of screenshots released recently not only reveals what the monster will look like in-game but his upgraded arsenal. Check it out below.

Not in any mainline title or spinoff media has Nemesis ever been depicted as brandishing a flamethrower, and while the change will likely upset some purists, Capcom clearly has its reasons. I’m willing to hazard a guess and say the character’s trademark shoulder-mounted rocket launcher ultimately ended up being too difficult to balance and/or implement in the remake. It was, after all, criticized for making each encounter in the original feel more like artificial difficulty than a genuine challenge, so I’m all for the change.

It’s worth noting, too, that the image doesn’t mean players won’t encounter Nemesis wielding his trademark bazooka, more so that he’ll change up his arsenal depending on the situation. We’ve already seen how advanced Capcom can make its A.I with Resident Evil 2‘s Mr X, after all, so one can only imagine how it’ll up the ante for a being with considerably more intelligence. Color us excited.

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