New Resident Evil 3 Images Reveal Better Look At Nemesis


As if the impressive new trailer (seriously, check it out) released earlier today for Resident Evil 3 wasn’t enough, Capcom’s seen fit to share even more. In a massive post over on community website Unity, the developer has shared a ton of images for the remake, including some sexy new snaps of Nemesis himself. Despite not seen wielding his trademark rocket launcher in today’s footage, it turns out that the heavily mutated Tyrant will, in fact, wield the weapon during the campaign.

You can check out the entire album of pics, some of which provide a further look at the likes of Brad Vickers and Carlos Oliviera, for yourselves below:

Now, for fans of the original game, some of those faces will look decidedly unfamiliar.

If so, that’s because Capcom is taking the opportunity to round out Resident Evil 3‘s otherwise slim cast with some new blood. Most of these, such as Murphy Seeker and Tyrell Patrick, are additions to the U.B.C.S. mercenary platoon that Carlos, Mikhail and Nicholai belong to. Judging by the screenshots provided, however, it looks unlikely that Murphy will be sticking around for long, considering he appears to be suffering from a zombie bite. As for Tyrell, the Unity blog describes him as being “skilled at disabling security and cracking computer systems,” providing offsite support directly to Carlos from the back lines.

Rounding out the remaining images, several detailed close-ups of Nemesis are included, as too, is the first image of Resident Evil‘s fearsome Hunters. Filling a similar role to that of Resident Evil 2‘s Lickers, these reptilian nightmares are more than capable of lopping your head off at a moments notice with their razor-sharp claws and have a shrill, ear-splitting scream to boot. That’s your lot for today, then, though Capcom signs off with the promise of more to come in the run-up to launch, so stay tuned.

Resident Evil 3 is out April 3rd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: Capcom-Unity