Resident Evil 3 Remake Has Been Heavily Discounted On Xbox One And PS4

Resident Evil 3

Have you been holding off on picking up Resident Evil 3 in anticipation of the remake going on sale? Given that Capcom’s latest reimagining of a survival horror classic has come under fire since launch back in April for being somewhat light on content for a full-price triple-A release, we imagine there’s quite a few of you out there that opted to exercise patience until the inevitable price drop rolled around, but you probably weren’t expecting it this soon.

As of writing, the modern-day recreation of Jill Valentine’s solo adventure is on sale for $39.99 over on Amazon, wiping $20 off the usual asking price. US retailer Best Buy had previously been running a similar deal as recently as yesterday, though that no longer appears to be the case, with listings for both Xbox One and PS4 on the latter now sporting the standard $60 price tag. That being the case, we’d recommend taking advantage of Amazon’s extended discount period sooner rather than later before it, too, brings the promotion to an end.

While it takes place in the same location and concurrently with the narrative events of last year’s installment, Resident Evil 3 is set primarily in the open streets of Raccoon City and the surrounding area and features Umbrella’s iconic Nemesis as the primary antagonist. Jill is hounded by the heavily mutated Tyrant throughout the campaign’s entirety in the form of both scripted gameplay and free-roaming segments, similarly to the now-infamous Mr. X.

As well as the solid 7 to 8-hour campaign, standalone multiplayer mode Resistance is included on the disc at no extra cost and has proven to be somewhat of a sleeper hit among the Resident Evil community. You can find our review of Resident Evil 3 and more information about Resistance by clicking through the respective links. Enjoy!