Resident Evil Resistance Adding New Playable Mastermind In May

Resident Evil 3

Despite being considered something of an accompaniment to the main attraction when it was originally revealed last year, Resident Evil Resistance has proven to be a surprise hit among fans. Included alongside Capcom’s terrific Resident Evil 3 remake, the spinoff mode, developed externally by NeoBards Entertainment, is an asymmetrical affair that pits a team of four survivors against one near-omnipotent Mastermind.

As civilians embroiled in the Umbrella Corporations’ heinous experiments, the former is tasked with escaping whatever prison they start the game in while the latter – able to utilize traps and spawn various monsters created by the T-Virus – has the sole objective of ensuring their captives never see the light of day again. Balance and matchmaking issues aside, NeoBards has stumbled upon a winning formula and Capcom, clearly recognizing the potential for expansion, has already greenlit an entire season of free DLC.

Following on from the addition of S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine as a playable survivor not long after Resident Evil 3‘s launch, next month will see antagonist Nicholai Ginovaef introduced as a new Mastermind.

As is the case with all existing villains in Resistance, the ruthless UBCS soldier will have access to his own unique ability, though Capcom has yet to divulge exactly what that’ll entail. The iconic Nemesis is definitely one possibility, though the roadmap (pictured above) seemingly hints at a June release window for the fearsome bioweapon. The current roster of available Masterminds, excluding Nicholai, is as follows:

  • Daniel Fabron
  • Annette Birkin
  • Alex Wesker
  • Ozwell E. Spencer

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