Resident Evil 3 Remake Images Reveal Better Look At Jill’s Redesign


Resident Evil 3‘s long-awaited remake is happening.

Confirmed yesterday by way of unreleased assets discovered on Sony’s PlayStation Store, the leak will undoubtedly be disappointing for Capcom, which would, understandably, have preferred to break the news itself. With that said, fans have yet to feast their eyes on gameplay of the reimagining and, if it’s anywhere near the quality of this year’s return of Resident Evil 2, there’s still plenty to look forward to.

In the meantime, however, fans have wasted no time in scrutinizing the leaks preceding an official announcement, many of which have taken issue with a number of character designs. The Umbrella Corporation’s iconic Nemesis, in particular, has been lambasted for straying too far from his original appearance, with the primary point of contention being that of Capcom’s decision to give the poor bloke a nose.

As for heroes Jill and Carlos, public outcry has been far less prevalent on that front but, as is always the case with genuine remakes, acceptance is never going to hit 100%. Jill does look markedly different to her original design, no doubt, but is that necessarily a negative? We’ll let you decide which you prefer with help from the gallery below.

Personally, I’ll be reserving judgement until Capcom sees fit to supply footage of Resident Evil 3 in action and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if negativity peters out following such a reveal. Claire’s redesign for this year’s Resident Evil 2 remake garnered a similar amount of criticism, after all, for looking too dissimilar to her original, which has long since been forgotten about.

Put simply, those with concerns would do well to refrain from making rash decisions based purely on a single image. Capcom is expected to reveal Resident Evil 3 within a matter of weeks, so sit tight, folks!