Resident Evil 3 Remake Confirmed As Cover Art Leaks Online

Resident evil 3

Resident Evil 3‘s long-awaited return is official, folks.

The remake, which fans have been hoping with all their strength that Capcom has been quietly toiling away on behind closed doors, has been confirmed, not by the developer, but a massive blunder on Sony’s behalf. As discovered by Twitter user Nibel, cover art for the upcoming title, which has yet to be officially announced, let alone confirmed as being in active development, was discovered on the PlayStation 4’s online store and, as you’d expect, the big bad Nemesis gets top billing.

Check it out below:

It’s a markedly different redesign for Umbrella’s ultimate bioweapon, then, but the S.T.A.R.S-hunting terror still retains several recognizable features, namely those impressive gnashers. Then again, Nemesis’ makeover is considerably less drastic than protagonist Jill, who looks unlike any of her previous appearances. The character is, however, sporting her iconic blue tank top, which is sure to delight longtime fans.

As for the individual stood alongside her, we’ll have to await confirmation in that regard, though it’s assuredly Carlos Oliveira. The Umbrella soldier played an integral role in the original game and, of all the three returning characters we’ve laid eyes on so far, his new look is undoubtedly the most drastic divergence of all.

Sadly, that’s all the leak covers for now, though with Resident Evil 3 confirmed to be making a comeback, previous rumors of a full reveal at this year’s Game Awards are looking all the more likely. We, like the entire series fanbase, will be tuning in to watch the year-end awards ceremony on Friday, December 13th with fingers tightly crossed in feverish anticipation.

For those unable to make the date, fear not – we’ll be covering all of the announcements as and when they break. Stay tuned.