Resident Evil 4 Remake Assets Reportedly Leak Online

Resident Evil 4

The first solid proof that Capcom’s rumored Resident Evil 4 remake exists has seemingly surfaced online.

As reported by the folks over at Gadget Gang, a truly gigantic gallery labelled ‘RE4 Remake Assets’ has recently been uploaded to image hosting website Imgur which originates from a massive data breach of the developer’s internal servers earlier this month by Ragnar Locker. The assets in question are said to have initially been leaked on the dark web and inevitably found their way onto the wider internet.

As for what the files in question show, we’ll be honest – there’s nothing particularly noteworthy to speak of. In-engine models for environmental objects such as half-eaten food, cobbled walls and farming utensils make up the bulk of what’s on display, a few examples of which you can find via the gallery below.

As always, it’s worth noting that without any form of specific reference or identifier linked to Resident Evil 4, we’d caution against taking any of the above as absolute fact, though if what we’re looking at here truly does represent the early stages of a modernized take on the iconic survival horror title, these meshes almost certainly belong to the game’s opening village area.

Former Raccoon City cop turned government agent Leon S. Kennedy infiltrates the unnamed settlement (situated in rural Spain) in the original in search of Ashley Graham, the U.S. President’s daughter. After uncovering a scheme by cultist group Los Illuminados to throw society into chaos, Leon takes it upon himself to take out the group’s leader, Osmund Saddler, all on his lonesome. What a hero.

That’s the original plot, at least. As the studio has done previously with other Resident Evil remakes, though, fans can likely expect Capcom to make several changes in order to better integrate Leon’s solo adventure into the franchise’s wider narrative. Watch this space for more.

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