Resident Evil 4 Remake Rumored To Be A Timed PlayStation Exclusive

Resident Evil 4

While confirmation of its existence is still forthcoming, Resident Evil 4 is expected to be next in line to get the remake treatment.

Other than making sense chronologically (reimaginings of RE2 & 3 have already been delivered), various documents and assets that surfaced online following a breach of Capcom’s servers last year heavily suggested that Leon S. Kennedy’s foray into the Spanish countryside is in the process of receiving a new coat of paint. It’s worth noting, too, that a VR version of the original game spotted in the same leak has since been announced, lending even further credibility to the project.

Due to the sequel’s high profile, numerous unverified rumors professing to have the scoop on what many consider to be one of the greatest games ever made have been appearing at a steady pace. One of these, posted by Reddit user nothanks-bro in a now-deleted thread, makes a series of claims, including that RE4‘s next-gen debut will be a timed console exclusive for PlayStation 5.

Addressing the assertions made by nothanks-bro over on Twitter, reputable insider AestheticGamer believes most, if not all, of the content to consist of baseless assumption, with specific scrutiny being placed on the proposed exclusivity deal with Sony. “I don’t actually believe this part,” they say, adding: “Unless Sony was offering one hell of compensation for timed exclusivity, they’re aware RE:4 is a big project.” While this is ultimately a case of he said/she said, AestheticGamer has a proven track record of supplying reliable information regarding Capcom’s survival horror franchise on several occasions in the past.

Whatever the situation, Resident Evil 4‘s remake isn’t expected to arrive until 2023 at the earliest, so don’t expect anything concrete for quite some time. As always, though, let us know what you make of these latest developments in the usual place below!

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