Resident Evil 4 VR Reportedly In Development

Resident Evil 4

In case you hadn’t heard, Japanese video game studio Capcom has recently been the unfortunate victim of a massive cyberattack.

The incident, which took place earlier this month, has only fully come to light over the last 24 hours, with an increasing amount of sensitive information appearing at a steady rate. While it’s not immediately clear, as of writing, to what extent the company’s internal servers were compromised, early signs suggest that files and documents dating as far back as 2018 have been uncovered, many of which make reference to software that has yet to be officially announced.

Franchises such as Monster Hunter, Ace Attorney and Resident Evil feature extensively in the leak, with the latter being of particular interest due to the explicit mention of a particularly well known title. On what seems to be a release schedule for the current and upcoming fiscal years (pictured below) is Resident Evil 4 or, more specifically, a VR version in development for Oculus devices.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Capcom’s landmark entry in the survival horror series has made headlines recently, thanks to talk of a remake doing the rounds online, but this is undoubtedly the first we’ve heard of a potential VR outing being in the works. Still, it’s important to stress that while these leaks are likely genuine, plans can (and do) change, so we can’t say with any certainty that this version of Resident Evil 4 is still in development or, for that matter, that it ever was – at least, in any meaningful capacity.

Given that it falls under the banner of “FY2021,” however, we’re inclined to believe that the project is already in full production. We’ll ultimately just have to wait and see what transpires, but this would certainly be a welcome addition to Capcom’s big 25th anniversary celebrations due to take place next year. Watch this space for more.