Resident Evil 7 Demo Brings Its Scares To Xbox One And PC Later This Month


Resident Evil 7‘s popular Beginning Hour demo will finally make the jump from PlayStation 4 to Xbox One and PC later this month, Capcom has confirmed. Due to become available on December 9 and December 19 respectively, both versions will include the ‘Midnight’ update that was surprise released last week during Sony’s PlayStation Experience event. As per the publisher’s blog post, the PC version of the teaser will apparently include “a multitude of PC-specific settings and graphics options to adjust to your liking for the best possible experience with Resident Evil 7.”

As far the contents of the Midnight patch itself go, Capcom’s billed it as the “final update” to the demo, and promises that players who have spent the last few months trying to dissect the mysteries surrounding until-now seemingly useless items like the dummy finger will “finally see how everything comes together.” Unlike the so-called Twilight update released earlier this year that added little other than a few new rooms, Midnight will give players the opportunity to “explore what lies beyond the mold-covered door” to discover what lies beyond. Nothing friendly, we imagine.

For those of you with a PS4 Pro, Capcom has rolled out a patch that enables play in full 4K as well as HDR support for TVs that can support them.

Resident Evil 7 launches January 24, 2017 for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. If you’re feeling particularly courageous and own the latter device, the PlayStation VR version is sure to offer a whole new kind of horror come January.