Resident Evil 7’s $180 Collector’s Edition Includes A Replica Of The Baker Mansion

Nothing is off the table where video game special editions are concerned. Capcom’s certainly no stranger to offering outlandish merchandise with its releases, and Resident Evil 7 ‘s Collector’s Edition looks set to continue that tradition by including a replica of the eerie Baker mansion you’ll be exploring in-game.

As per IGN, the $179.99 limited edition is now available to pre-order at US retailer GameStop and will launch alongside the standard retail version early next year.


So, what do you get inside that premium packaging besides the replica of a rickety old house? As is custom, you’ll get a SteelBook case for the Resident Evil 7 game disc as well as a lithograph of the Baker family and a ‘creepy note’ that you’ve no doubt seen before if you’ve spent any time exploring the Beginning Hour demo released earlier this year.

Adding to all of that is a dummy finger USB stick and a VHS tape box in which to store it. The former piece of kit is no doubt Capcom’s way of having a little fun with fans who spent countless hours attempting to discern a purpose for the item of the same name in the aforementioned demo.

With the end of 2016 almost upon us, there’s not long left to wait now until Capcom’s refresh of the survival horror series is upon us, and the developer has released several pairs of teaser trailers over the last few weeks showcasing gunplay and some of the grotesque monsters you’ll be up against.

Resident Evil 7 launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on January 24, 2017. If you fancy yourself an extra challenge, the entire experience will be playable on Sony’s PlayStation VR, although even certain Capcom employees think it’s a tad too scary.