Resident Evil 7’s Pre-Order DLC Contents Outed Early By Swedish Retailer


Several additional pre-order bonuses have been revealed for Resident Evil 7 by way of a listing on Swedish retail website Disc Shop (via VideoGamer). The four so-called Survival Packs, which you can see below, each offer several valuable consumable items to make the beginning of your survival horror experience a little bit less daunting when it releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC next year.


The Recovery, Handgun, Burner and Chem Fluid sets all include potentially life-saving supplies for when you take your first tentative steps into another nightmarish mansion, and there’s even a few potential hints hidden within the image above that could well point towards the types of enemies you’ll be facing within its walls.

The Burner Set in particular, which at first glance appears to include some rather useless tat, could actually be indicating the return of Crimson Heads from the HD Remake of the original Resident Evil. The notoriously hard-to-kill ‘super zombies’ in that game could only be killed by a well-placed headshot or by cremating the walking corpse with a dousing of gas and lighting it up.

What’s more, each pre-order set has a different colored coin included, but what significance those hold is anyone’s guess, at least until Capcom makes an official announcement themselves.

Resident Evil 7 hits all major platforms on January 24, 2017. Those that opt to go with the PlayStation 4 version will have the choice of playing the horror title with PlayStation VR, but be warned, it’s not for the faint-hearted.