Resident Evil Village Survey Teases Possible Playable Demo

resident evil village

Resident Evil Village – the eighth installment’s official name, according to Capcom – might not be due to release for potentially a year or more but that hasn’t stopped the developer from proactively attempting to get some early feedback from fans. In a post over on the series’ official Twitter page is a link to a Live Survey focused almost exclusively on the upcoming survival horror title, with the majority of questions largely intended to gauge initial reception to Village‘s reveal trailer shown during Sony’s PS5 showcase.

One particular standout set of questions, however, has to do with a demo and how much of a bearing being able to go hands-on ahead of a full launch has on spurring potential interest in the sequel.

It’s worth noting, of course, that Village is in development exclusively for next-gen consoles and PC, meaning if a demo is planned, we assuredly won’t be seeing it until towards the tail end of this year at the earliest in order to accommodate for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. If we’re to take a stab in the dark based on Capcom’s handling of demos for Resident Evil 2 & 3‘s recent remakes, though, a trial version is considerably more likely to arrive sometime in 2021 and within a month or two of release day. We’ll ultimately just have to wait and see what it has planned either way.

Resident Evil Village is due to release next year and will once again star Ethan Winters and Chris Redfield. Initial marketing for the sequel teases that this will bring an end to the latter’s long-running story, though who knows if that’s the truth or simply a red herring to drum up hype. Let us know what you think in the usual place below, though.