Resident Evil 9 Reportedly Won’t Release Until 2024 At The Earliest


Fans eager to find out how the ongoing saga of Capcom’s acclaimed survival horror franchise will continue following this year’s installment could be waiting a long time, it seems.

According to new details provided by reputable industry insider AestheticGamer, Resident Evil 9, while currently in active development, still requires several years in the oven until it’s cooked to perfection. Production of the unannounced sequel started in earnest back in 2018, they claim, adding that when all is said and done, it’ll have spent more time in the shop than any of its predecessors. In the best-case scenario, a 6-year cycle would mean the ninth entry would hit retail in 2024 at the earliest, making the gap between releases identical to that separating the first and second chapters of Ethan Winters’ story.

Despite their proven track record for supplying accurate information ahead of time, it’s worth noting that all the above remains strictly unconfirmed until official sources say otherwise. As an aside, though, the dates provided by AestheticGamer would line up with ongoing rumors that Capcom’s next major project involving the series is a remake of Resident Evil 4. Leaked assets obtained from last year’s major data breach of the company’s servers purportedly reveal a number of environments taken from Leon Kennedy’s reimagined foray into the Spanish countryside, though again, this is impossible to verify.

Whatever the case, gamers won’t have to endure a drought of content between now and the inevitable Resident Evil 9. Besides the numerous live-action and animated series based on the IP due to release this year, Capcom recently confirmed that it’s currently working on DLC for Village. To brush up on everything we know about that so far, see here.