Resident Evil Fans Can Now Dress Like Claire Redfield With New High Quality Jacket

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil fans and cosplayers alike hoping to stave off the January blues with some retail therapy need to look no further than this awesome new memorabilia.

Belgium-based clothing and accessories company Ark/8 has revealed its latest tribute to Capcom’s survival horror series in the form of a high quality leather jacket based on the very same one worn by Claire Redfield. As seen in both the original Resident Evil 2 and its 2019 remake, the crimson red number is as iconic to the franchise as the character whose shoulders it sits upon, and this recreation could well be the most expensive one made to date. Pre-orders for the “Very Limited Edition” apparel are open right now over on the company’s official website and will set you back a hefty $450.

Those unsure whether the price tag is justified can check out some model images showcasing the jacket’s excellent craftsmanship in the gallery down below.

“Premium grade leather, embossed “Made in Heaven” logo, sturdy metal zippers and subtle patina” reads the description, which states orders will begin shipping to the US and Europe sometime in July. It’s worth noting, too, (as if it wasn’t already obvious) that this version is an officially licensed product, making it a lucrative collector’s piece to boot. As a specialty item, we can only assume that Ark/8 will be producing these to order, so if you’ve got money to burn on some luxury clothing, we’d suggest getting one ASAP.

In related news, Capcom is due to share a wealth of fresh information for Resident Evil Village as part of a special broadcast later today. See here for everything you need to know.