Resident Evil Fans Are Loving Village So Far

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village, the long-awaited eighth installment in Capcom’s acclaimed survival horror franchise, is finally here and fans are loving every second of it.

Set against the backdrop of a sleepy and otherwise unremarkable township in the European countryside, Ethan Winters, alongside wife Mia and daughter Rose, find themselves dragged once again into a nightmare scenario populated by more monsters and grotesqueries than an Umbrella laboratory. Mere moments after Chris Redfield seemingly murders his spouse in cold blood and kidnaps Rose, poor Mr. Winters is hurled into the deep end of another conspiracy and left with no other choice but to take on the mysterious Mother Miranda and her lackeys.

Lady Dimitrescu is but one of these subordinates standing between Ethan and him regaining some semblance of a normal life, but what does she want with his offspring, and why is the Winters family so exceptional? You’ll just have to go down the rabbit hole to get those answers for yourself, and early reactions online certainly suggest it’s one worth jumping into headfirst, as you can see below.

As for how long you can expect the campaign to hold your attention, estimates clock first playthroughs at around 7-10 hours depending on individual skill and playstyle, with plenty of bonus content on offer once the credits roll. One of these, of course, is RE: Verse, though following confirmation of the multiplayer mode’s delay earlier this year, fans will have to put a pin in this one until sometime during the summer.

In the meantime, feel free to share with us your initial impressions of Resident Evil Village and, indeed, whether you’ve already seen the sequel through to its conclusion, in the usual place below!