Resident Evil Outbreak May Finally Be Getting Another Sequel


While Resident Evil 3‘s upcoming remake will undoubtedly be demanding the lion’s share of fans’ attention right now, whispers of what the future will bring for the series are already beginning to circulate.

We know, of course, that Capcom will eventually want to follow-up 2017’s fantastic Resident Evil 7 with another mainline entry in the survival horror franchise, but what else? Well, according to a massive leak earlier this week provided by reliable insider AestheticGamer, it appears as if Resident Evil 8 will be preceded by at least one other game. In fact, the aforementioned eighth installment is said to be arriving much later than initially expected, due to a troubled development period that ultimately led to it being internally rebooted.

So, with a wait of potentially several years still to go on that front, how exactly does Capcom expect to fill the void? Despite their popularity, AestheticGamer says the company has no current plans for more remakes (sorry, Code Veronica fans!), though does claim that one as-yet-unannounced Resident Evil title is on course to be released next year.

Unfortunately, AestheticGamer declines to divulge any further details beyond those seen above, so all we can do right now is speculate. Assuming remakes and direct sequels truly are off the table, though, our best guess would either be a spinoff in the same vein as Umbrella Corps or an Outbreak reboot. The latter has a massive cult following among veteran fans of the series, many of which have been hoping to see a continuation for more than a decade.

Before being confirmed as the dedicated multiplayer component for Resident Evil 3 remake last year, many had hoped Project Resistance was going to be exactly that, but alas, no dice. With any luck, though, Capcom will have taken note of the huge demand for Outbreak‘s return and finally greenlit a third entry to be released in 2021. Fingers crossed!

Source: Twitter