Capcom Announces Resident Evil Portal Service, Coming In 2021

Chris redfield resident evil

There are few titles in the history of gaming that have the massive fanbase and long-term success of Capcom’s Resident Evil series. With over two dozen games, six live-action movies, and a variety of books and comics, there’s enough of this beloved survival horror franchise to keep the average person engrossed for hundreds upon hundreds of hours, and there’s no signs that the series plans to let up anytime soon.

As a matter of fact, the publisher has announced some exciting news regarding Resident Evil that will at once expand and condense the franchise for fans itching to get the most out of their time with the games. Preparing for release in 2021 is the brand new Resident Evil Portal, which will consolidate all of the series’ existing sites and services into a comprehensive, one-stop resource for everything Resident Evil.

The fresh site will include tons of content, including announcements and updates on upcoming games, information about promotions, cool merchandise and plenty more. It also promises to feature the ability for fans to connect their social media accounts to the service so that they can share their stats with other players, an option that many will no doubt take advantage of considering the franchise’s long history of timed challenges.

In terms of what’s next for Capcom’s popular series, rumors are still circulating about a Resident Evil 4 remake, which would follow in the footsteps of the wildly successful Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 redos that released over the past few years. And while we wait for confirmation of that, we can look forward to the eighth mainline entry in the franchise, Resident Evil Village, which is expected to release at some point in 2021.