Resident Evil Village ESRB Rating Teases Lots Of Gore

Resident Evil Village

Not that it needed reiterating, considering what series we’re talking about here, but Resident Evil Village is going to be chock-full of gnarly, grimace-inducing moments.

The survival horror sequel, which sees hero Ethan Winters yet again embroiled in a nightmare scenario populated with monsters, has recently received its official rating from the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB), in turn revealing several new morsels of information previously unknown. Chief among these are detailed descriptions of various acts of violence depicted on screen, including one instance of a character’s heart being “ripped out of their chest.”

Others involve enemies being mutilated by machetes and a scene where an unnamed individual is impaled through the chest by a “giant weapon.” In a general sense, dismemberments, decapitations and large bloodstains/entrails around the game’s environments are also present as gloriously gruesome set decoration.

Unsurprisingly, heavy use of profanity is listed as well and we imagine the F-bombs will flow freely when Ethan comes face to face with Lady Dimitrescu. The well-dressed castellan is one of four major antagonists players will encounter during the events of Village, all of whom are the head of their respective houses and serve a mysterious entity known only as Mother Miranda.

Capcom recently gave fans a first look at the masked character by way of promotional material distributed to retailers, with the discovery of her ultimate goal for Ethan and Mia’s child undoubtedly forming a core part of the narrative.

Resident Evil Village launches next week, May 7th, for Xbox Series X|S, One X, PS4, PS5 and PC, with a final demo scheduled to take place this weekend. See here for everything you need to know about the upcoming free trial.