Resident Evil Village Poster Reveals Mysterious New Character

Resident Evil Village

A new promotional poster for Resident Evil Village has prompted fans to go into full-blown investigative mode due to its depiction of a previously unseen character.

The survival horror sequel, which until now has presented the abnormally tall Lady Dimitrescu as its lead villain, is seemingly teasing yet another hostile entity that unwitting hero Ethan Winters will have to deal with during the quest to retrieve his kidnapped daughter. As pictured below, this addition to the cast is shown wearing an ornate mask, suggesting their identity is one either known to the player or to Ethan himself, but who could it be? A definitive answer will definitely have to wait until launch next month, but that hasn’t stopped folks over on social media from putting forward their own theories.

While some have posited that long-running villain Albert Wesker could be the man behind the mask (despite the fact that he’s clearly shown perishing at the conclusion of Resident Evil 5), others believe Ethan’s supposedly deceased wife, Mia Winters, could be the mysterious individual.

Realistically, it’s impossible to discern which gender those eyes belong to or, for that matter, what color they are, though they appear to be blue. If true, that would rule out either of the above candidates and our guess is that the unidentifiable (for now) visage belongs to Mother Miranda. While next to nothing is known about them, Lady Dimitrescu is shown conversing with Miranda over the phone during one of Resident Evil Village‘s trailers, with the tone and phrasing used during the conversation implying that the former is subservient to the latter in some form or fashion.

This is, of course, all pure speculation, so feel free to share your own counter-proposals with us in the usual place below! With any luck, Capcom will have some more clues to drop during its upcoming broadcast later this month, so stay tuned!