Resident Evil Village Boss Fight Gameplay Leaks Online

Resident Evil Village

Capcom is still struggling to contain a major data breach, it would seem.

Last year, the company confirmed that it had been the target of a ransomware attack which, having refused to meet the culprits’ demands, resulted in essentially its entire roadmap for future releases and scores of assets finding their way online. Among these included numerous references to Resident Evil Village as well as other entries in the series, though it’s the former specifically that appears to have been affected the most.

As reported by GamesRadar yesterday, footage revealing one of Village‘s numerous boss fights recently surfaced on YouTube and purportedly depicted Ethan taking on the mysterious Lady Dimitrescu (AKA the Tall Lady) in battle. Considering her obvious status as an antagonist, it’s hardly a spoiler to learn that Ethan will come face to face with the vampire during the course of the campaign, though any specifics beyond that certainly are.

Thankfully, the video in question was swiftly removed from view at Capcom’s request, but the entire event serves as a stark reminder for Resident Evil Village fans wanting to avoid having all the surprises ruined for them ahead of release day.

For those reasons alone, we’d recommend staying away from any videos labelled as leaks on YouTube or elsewhere. A tough ask for many, no doubt, considering there are still several months to go until the survival horror sequel arrives, but it’s generally good practice to think twice before clicking any suspicious links anyway.

Resident Evil Village is out May 7th for Xbox and PlayStation consoles as well as PC. Pre-orders are open now with several different editions available, including one that’ll set you back $1800. See here for more details.