Resident Evil Village Has An $1800 Collector’s Edition

Resident Evil Village

Fans looking to splash some cash on one of Resident Evil Village‘s various special editions needn’t look further than this incredibly expensive bundle.

Revealed alongside standard and collector’s editions of the survival horror sequel, the so-called Complete Set edition is a cut above the rest both in terms of what it contains and how much you’ll need to shell out for it. For the lump sum of $1800, you’ll be showered with various memorabilia, including miniature weapon replicas, a high-quality statue of Chris Redfield, the illustrated Village of Shadows book, a map of the game world, a copy of the game itself, and, finally, the big ticket item – a replica Chester coat identical to the one worn by Chris.

That’s a lot of loot, no doubt, but is it worth the asking price? In terms of actual material worth, probably not, but what you’re paying for here are custom made, limited quantity goods and you can check out all of the contents for yourself down below.

For super fans with money to burn, it’s worth noting that, as of writing, the Complete Set is only available via Capcom’s online Japanese store, so you’ll almost certainly be required to pay hefty import fees on top of the advertised price. Likewise, this version only includes a copy of the game for Sony’s platforms. Neither is region-locked, however, so it should be perfectly playable on European or North American devices.

Resident Evil Village launches May 7th for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PC and last-gen consoles. For more details on the latter, a first look at gameplay or, for those so inclined, further opportunities to acquire some wardrobe additions based on the series’ popular cast, hit the respective links to learn more.