New Resident Evil Village Mod Lets You Play As Rose Winters

Resident Evil Village

If you’ve already seen Resident Evil Village through to its end and are hoping to spice up the experience for a second or third playthrough, look no further.

Thanks to a new mod released by Nexus Mods user Raq, anyone who owns the survival horror sequel on PC can now download a patch that makes protagonist Ethan Winters’ daughter a playable character. While she’s naught but an infant child during the main campaign, Rose Winters is shown in a secret post-credits scene as a young adult. Whether this sequence is intended to be set in the far future or is simply a result of her accelerated growth due to the Megamycete remains a hot topic among the community as the trait is a known side effect of being infected by the superorganism.

Whatever the case, it goes without saying that the teenaged version of Rose is who this particular fan-made creation makes usable and is functionally identical to her father in a gameplay sense. For those who so wish, an optional third-person mode is also available via a separate mod and you can see what that looks like in the gallery below.

Resident Evil Village is the eighth mainline entry in Capcom’s revered series and has proven to be an incredibly popular entry for newcomers and veterans alike. So successful has it been, in fact, that the developer confirmed earlier today that the number of copies so far shipped for 2021’s installment already exceeds 4 million. This is a higher quantity than its predecessor during the same timeframe, though there’s still a ways to go until the latter’s current lifetime of 9 million is reached or even surpassed. For the full story, see here.