Resident Evil Village Reportedly Has An Insanely Hard New Difficulty Mode

resident evil village

While Capcom has yet to specify exactly when in August fans can expect to learn more about Resident Evil Village, we at least know what the announcement will entail. Last week, prolific leaker AestheticGamer told survival horror enthusiasts to be on the lookout for a new gameplay trailer not long after we wave goodbye to July for another year, but what will it contain?

It’s already confirmed, after all, that Ethan Winters will be returning as a playable character and that Chris Redfield, apparently no longer one of the good guys, will make an appearance, but what of the Village setting itself and the monsters that roam there? Those are all questions that will undoubtedly remain unanswered until release day, though if the new leaks to have surfaced today hold any truth, a bigger picture is certainly beginning to form.

As per Biohazard Declassified, an unverified source claiming to have participated in a recent Ambassador Program playtest of Village shared a number of details about the demo. See below for a summary of the major talking points:

  • Some enemies are able to communicate in a foreign language and wield various weapons such as daggers, swords and spears.
  • One enemy has a special attack that can instantly kill Ethan.
  • A character named Olga will be one of the boss fights in Village and takes on the form of a spider-like creature.
  • Standard weaponry such as the handgun and shotgun makes a return, though temporary (read: breakable) melee weapons can be found in the world.
  • The mysterious old woman seen in the initial trailer will serve as a vendor that sells various items to help Ethan on his journey.
  • A new difficulty mode with triple the number of enemies could be in the works.

In regards to that final bullet point, the leaker notes that producer Peter Fabiano was in attendance at one of the test events, where he discussed adding a new difficulty mode called “Unfair” that would drastically increase the number of enemies on screen at any given time. The source notes, however, that they’re not sure if Fabiano was being serious or simply speaking in jest. It goes without saying, of course, that all of the above should be considered fictional until Capcom says otherwise, though we’ll fortunately not have to wait long in order to find out.

Resident Evil Village is out next year for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC.