Resident Evil Village Reportedly Has Performance Issues On PlayStation 5

Resident Evil 8

While Resident Evil Village‘s initial showing at last month’s PlayStation 5 event assuredly got fans excited about the series’ next installment, the hype was somewhat sullied with concern. As a direct sequel to 2017’s stellar seventh entry, Village will, like its predecessor, take on a first-person perspective and be built using the company’s proprietary RE Engine. Given how smoothly Ethan Winters’ trek through Louisiana’s swamps felt to play, many are naturally hoping for a repeat performance next year.

It’s hardly surprising, then, that Village‘s notably choppy performance in the demo has been grabbing headlines over the last few weeks or so, and the latest update on the situation provided by prolific leaker Dusk Golem (aka, AestheticGamer) likely won’t be enough to put those concerns to rest.

In a thread over on ResetEra discussing the broader topic of next-gen, the whistleblower chimed in to talk specifically about Capcom’s first next-gen title and its aforementioned performance issues, stating:

The game’s terrible performance at the PS5 reveal event with the terrible frame rate present in the trailer was kinda’ the current status of the game on PS5 as of a few months ago. The thing is, apparently the game runs perfectly on Xbox X, they’ve been having some troubles getting the frame rate stable on PS5.

Assuredly not the news you were hoping for, but Dusk Golem does give plenty of reason for optimism in a follow-up comment. “100% they’ll optimize it before release,” he continues, adding that the RE Engine’s highly customizable infrastructure leaves plenty of room for improvements to be made. Reassuring to hear, no doubt, though perhaps the most interesting development to come out of this is Dusk Golem’s statement that Village already runs smooth as butter on Xbox Series X. Whether this is a sign that the latter’s hardware is simply easier to work with or something else entirely, on the other hand, remains to be seen.

Resident Evil Village is due to release next year and will reportedly feature full support for PlayStation VR. See here for everything we know so far.