Resident Evil Village Might Be Getting A VR Version

resident evil village

The Resident Evil Village rumor mill continues to spin wildly.

In case you missed our previous coverage of the leak, several gameplay details allegedly originating from a playtest session of Capcom’s survival horror sequel have emerged online. The information dump purportedly reveals intel about one of the game’s bosses as well as several rank-and-file enemies players will encounter during the campaign and the tools that’ll be required to take them down.

Perhaps even more interesting – how excited you’ll be upon reading the following will largely depend on whether you intend to purchase a PlayStation 5 – than the above, however, is specific mention of a VR version of Village. According to the playtester, Capcom intends to make the series’ next installment fully compatible with PlayStation VR, which itself has already been confirmed to work with the PS4’s successor.

As for why the gaming public has so far been left in the dark in regards to the use of virtual reality, the whistleblower claims that Capcom is waiting for Sony to take the reins for this particular announcement, meaning we could be waiting some time for the feature to be made official. We already know, of course, that the former is planning to release a new trailer for Resident Evil Village sometime next month, but if Sony is handling all things VR, it’s unlikely that we’ll be privy to any relevant news on the matter here.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled throughout August for even the slightest hint of when Resident Evil Village‘s second trailer will drop. In the meantime, be sure to let us know if you intend to experience Ethan Winters’ next nightmare adventure in VR (or if you’ll be sticking to traditional gameplay) when the sequel rolls around next year in the usual place below!