Resident Evil Village Leaks Reveal Gruesome Boss Fight Details

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With the next official information dump for Resident Evil Village right around the corner, it seems some fans of the survival horror sequel already have knowledge of what’s due to be revealed. An individual who allegedly participated in a recent playtest of Village as part of Capcom’s Ambassador Program has shared their experiences in the short preview session with the folks over at Biohazard Declassified which, if true, sheds further light on the types of enemies fans can expect to encounter in rural Europe.

One particularly interesting claim has to do with a new character, Olga, that protagonist Ethan Winters will reportedly encounter during the course of the game. This is the name Capcom has given to the so-called ‘witch’ character mentioned in previous leaks and will be one of presumably many boss battles players will face. Offering further details, the leaker describes how Olga will initially appear as human and pursue Ethan by summoning swarms of insects to aid her.

By locating a torch and repelling the insects long enough to damage Olga, she’ll mutate “into this insect/spider-like creature with long spider legs” beginning the boss fight proper. If that description sounds awfully familiar, it’s likely due to the obvious similarities shared with Resident Evil 7‘s Marguerite Baker, who herself eventually transforms into an insect-like abomination.

As far as I’m concerned, there are two likely outcomes here. Either the source claiming to have knowledge of Resident Evil Village is simply altering events from previous games in an attempt to convince others of their legitimacy, or what you’ve read above is 100% factual, in which case, the similarities between Village and RE7‘s enemies could be indicative of Eveline and her Molded somehow making a return.

Either way, it’s far too soon to reach a conclusion, though with any luck, we’ll know for sure when the new trailer drops next month, so stay tuned.