Resident Evil 8 Leaker Teases New Enemies And Release Date


Resident Evil 8 is supposedly coming sooner than expected, according to the latest rumors to have surfaced online.

Twitter user ChaoticClaire, who has a proven track record when it comes to revealing unconfirmed details about Capcom’s survival horror series, has provided a number of tantalizing new details concerning the sequel on social media, including big hints for when fans can expect it to arrive. That’s one potential interpretation, at least, as, truthfully, Claire’s likely intentionally vague wording leaves room for interpretation.

As per previous leaks, this one refers to Resident Evil 8 as “VIILage,” which is said to be the eighth installment’s subtitle. This information comes from CV translations, according to the post, and makes the following bold claims:

  • More occultist themes tying into decay and body horror.
  • One particularly noteworthy enemy in the game is large, adorned with chains and wields a staff-like weapon.
  • Standard zombie-class enemies will be seen wearing armor.

That last one we’ve already hard before from other sources, of course, but where things get truly interesting is Claire’s signing-off comment of “…sooner than expected?!!” Now, as mentioned earlier, it’s unclear whether this statement refers to Resident Evil 8‘s release date or something else entirely. It’s certainly possible, after all, that Claire could be alluding to a sooner-than-expected reveal date and at this point, we simply can’t say either way.

Assuming, however, that Resident Evil 8 does hit retail prior to existing ‘early 2021’ estimates, Capcom will assuredly be eager to get the hype train rolling. Sony’s delayed PlayStation 5 event remains the frontrunner for any and all official news concerning Capcom’s next fright-fest, then, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on the company’s socials for a revised start date, so watch this space.