Resident Evil 8 Reportedly Very Likely To Be Revealed At PS5 Event

Resident Evil 7

While it’s more or less expected among the series’ fanbase at this point that Capcom will officially announce Resident Evil 8 before the end of 2020, when, where and, indeed, how it’ll be revealed is another matter entirely.

Will the Japanese developer choose to unveil the next chapter in its storied survival horror franchise at an event hosted by itself or, like a number of more recent installments, will it hand the reins to another as a means of reaching a wider potential audience? It’s important to note, after all, that last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake and 7 were both shown to the public for the first time by Sony as part of its presence at E3 in 2016 and 2018, respectively, which naturally makes it the frontrunner for any future partnerships.

We’ve already heard as much via previous rumors, of course, though it appears we now have corroboration of such an outcome, this time via a considerably more reliable source.

Over on Twitter, prolific leaker AestheticGamer, who has repeatedly proven themselves to have inside knowledge numerous times in the past says they’re now “99% sure” that RE8 will be at Sony’s aforementioned PlayStation 5 reveal event. Why do they think this, you ask?

“As others noticed, all the RE games went on sale yesterday and RE7, in particular, went on the deepest discounts it’s EVER had by a long shot, around the same time the PS5 reveal event was supposed to happen yesterday. So yeah.”

AestheticGamer’s reasoning, then, is that the cancelled PS5 showcase originally intended to air on June 4th would have served as the staging ground for Resident Evil 8 to make itself known, with massive discounts on older entries supposedly meant to coincide with the former. Whether there’s any truth to those suspicions, we can’t say for certain, but it makes sense, at the very least.

Assuming all of the above holds true, fans will get their first glimpse of Resident Evil 8 during Sony’s rescheduled presentation, though when exactly that’ll be is anyone’s guess. Stay tuned for further updates.