Respawn Banning Apex Legends Players Abusing Dashboard Exploit


In the fiercely competitive world of Apex Legends, some players will stop at almost nothing to gain the upper hand, and that includes cheating.

Ever since the battle royale’s launch almost a year ago, Respawn has been fighting an endless war against such miscreants, with no side being the clear victor. That being said, though, the developer has come down hard on those flaunting the rules and, thanks to frequent patches and improved anti-cheat software, offenders have found it increasingly more difficult to game the system.

As always, however, some such exploits are prone to slip through the cracks, one of which has led to the nuisance act of ‘dashboarding.’ The process, as implied by the name, involves force-quitting a match – either by pressing Alt+F4 on PC or quitting to dashboard on consoles – mid-way through. Particularly in ranked modes, where losing often leads to a sizable loss of points, dashboarding allows the user to leave a match they believe to be lost without incurring any of the usual deductions.

Hardly an ideal situation, then, and now, players tired of being affected by problem players are calling for a resolution.

While Respawn’s Eric Hewitt is unable to provide an exact date for when the mass bans will occur, they do confirm that manual reports aren’t necessary, as frequent abusers of the exploit can be tracked internally. “Judgment Day will be coming,” says Hewitt, who continues to reassure fans that the studio cares “deeply about the ranked experience” and its integrity.

We’ll keep you posted as and when any developments surface, though you can likely expect a fix sooner rather than later. With Apex Legendsfirst global eSports tournament due to kick off in a matter of days, Respawn will undoubtedly want to ban any potential abusers from participating prior to the start date.

Source: Twitter