Ridge Racer Unbounded Trailer Showcases Destruction, Level Creator

EDIT: NAMCO BANDAI has sent out a new press release, which states that the game has been shipped to North American retailers for a March 27, 2012 release. Strange.

NAMCO BANDAI‘s latest announcement for Ridge Racer Unbounded comes in the form of a new trailer, showing off plenty of destructible environments and a robust level creator.

Unbounded looks to be breaking free of the staple formula of previous Ridge Racer entries instead opting for something with a bit less restraint. With developer Bugbear Entertainment of FlatOut fame taking the wheel, Ridge Racer Unbounded looks to be much more than a fresh coat of paint.

Destruction is one of the key mechanics in this next series entry, but vehicle damage and wrecks are only one side of what Ridge Racer Unbounded offers. Buildings and various props can be destroyed, offering the player a chance to make their own shortcuts during races.

Those that want more control than just making shortcuts can take their skills into the city creator. Players can build up their own cities and tracks from scratch, putting in obstacles or jumps with full control over level design.

Between the vehicle wrecks and robust city creator, Unbounded is shaping up to be a glorious marriage of Burnout and Trackmania, without losing that classic Ridge Racer feel.

Ridge Racer Unbounded is gearing up to hit store shelves later this year for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The racer was delayed from its previously-listed late March release. Disregard that date when it’s shown in the trailer.
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