Robert Kirkman suggests the ‘Invincible’ franchise could take the leap into video games

Invincible season two teaser
Image via Amazon Prime Video

Invincible has been a comic franchise in Robert Kirkman’s stable for twenty years now, and much like The Walking Dead, it found itself a whole new fanbase when its animated adaptation debuted on Amazon Prime Video back in 2021.

Another parallel we could draw between Kirkman’s superhero and zombie comic is that recent comments Kirkman made to ComicBook suggest that the franchise will be getting even bigger, with a number of Invincible video game ideas percolating in the pipeline.

While Kirkman stopped short of making any hard and fast promises about Invincible games in the future, he did confirm that there were at the very least discussions going on behind the scenes about the prospect:

“I would say our plans in video games are all-encompassing. A little bit of all of the above, so, you know, we’ll see. Are those things possibly years away? Yeah. Could those things die between now and when they’re planned to come out? Yeah. I could seem like I’m teasing something very cool if you watch this in hindsight. I could [also] seem like an idiot that has no idea what’s going on. If you watch this, in hindsight, either of these things could happen. There are so many cool things on the horizon. I hope that it all comes together. If it all comes together, Invincible fans are going to be very happy.”

Kirkman’s conversation with ComicBook coincided with the 20th anniversary of the Invincible comic series, with the milestone coming shortly after the news confirming a second and third season of the animated series to be on the way. 

If plans for Invincible video games come to fruition, it would be following in the footsteps of Kirkman’s other massively popular franchise, The Walking Dead – which has numerous video games out in the wild, including the critically acclaimed episodic Telltale series.

Season two of Invincible will land on Amazon Prime Video later this year. If you’re holding out for a live-action adaptation, fear not Kirkman is plugging away to make that happen too.