Robert Pattinson Says He Cried During One Scene In Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII might look like a relic from some bygone era by today’s standards but back in 1997, Square Enix’s acclaimed RPG captured the hearts and minds of all who experienced the adventures of Cloud Strife and his friends in their quest to put the tyrannical plans of Sephiroth to an end.

One particularly memorable scene – and one that’s since achieved legendary status among fans – that unfolds during the original game’s story shows Aerith, the last Ancient, murdered in cold blood by Sephiroth in an attempt to thwart the heroes’ only hope of victory. For a game developer to not only kill off a primary protagonist but to do so in such an explicit way was a watershed moment for the medium and one that undoubtedly caused tears to flow for millions who witnessed it.

As per a recent interview with GameSpot, Robert Pattinson reveals that he was among those who had a good cry over the tragic scene, claiming it to be “probably one of the only times I’ve ever cried in my life.”

Unfortunately for Pattinson and, indeed, the entirety of Final Fantasy VII‘s fanbase, that heartache seems destined to repeat itself in future installments of Square’s remake, though who knows – perhaps the studio will take this as an opportunity to rewrite history, so to speak. We’ll just have to wait and see.

In other news, Warner Bros. finally unveiled the first look at Pattinson’s turn as Bruce Wayne over the weekend as part of DC FanDome. Initial reactions to the latest live-action reboot of the popular comic book character, while vastly different to Ben Affleck and Christian Bale’s performances, appear to be positive and as of now, we can’t wait to catch another glimpse of The Batman.