The Rock Might Be Getting His Own Fortnite Skin


Fortnite has played host to some of pop culture’s biggest icons since it formally launched back in 2017. Collaborative events with the likes of Star Wars, DC and Marvel have come and gone over the years, with the battle royale’s current season, Nexus War, undoubtedly being the largest to date. Boasting the appearance of more superheroes than even an Avengers film can manage, Wolverine, Iron Man, She-Hulk, Thor, Ghost Rider and countless others have pulled together in order to defend Apollo Island from the cosmic threat that is Galactus, with a victor yet to be decided.

The latter, arguably the strongest villain across all of Marvel Comics, is on course to arrive in-game early next week, commencing an event which, according to recent leaks, is shaping up to be the most ambitious yet. It goes without saying, then, that we’ll be waiting with bated breath to see how that climactic battle comes to a close, but what of Chapter 2 Season 5?

Epic Games has yet to spill the beans on what that will entail, though an eager fan may have already sussed out one of the skins that players will be able to earn.

Not long after likening the design of a Thanksgiving Day parade balloon bearing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s (pictured below) likeness to that of Fortnite‘s art style, the former wrestler and actor offered Twitter user BD a rather telling response. “Why does The Rock float look like a Fortnite skin of The Rock?” reads BD’s comment, to which Johnson replied with: “Way ahead of you, BD,” followed by a winking emoji.

The exchange by no means confirms that a character skin bearing The Rock’s likeness is headed to Fortnite, but it certainly appears as if the actor is a fan of the idea, perhaps to the extent that the Hollywood star has even been in contact with Epic to make exactly that become a reality. While we wait to see what – if anything – comes of this surprising development, head over here for a sneak peek of some cosmetics that have already been confirmed for Season 5, including an outfit based on Disney’s hit show The Mandalorian.