Rockstar Announces Record Revenue Intake; Hints At New ‘Current-Gen’ Project For Next Fiscal Year

grand theft auto v ps4 box art (slider)

It’s become even more likely that Grand Theft Auto V will grace today’s current-gen consoles. That, or Rockstar has another in-development PlayStation 4 and Xbox One project planned for release within the next year.

Earlier today, Rockstar Games’ Chief Executive Officer, Strauss Zelnick, issued a financial call pertaining to the company’s last fiscal year. During that time, it was mentioned that Grand Theft Auto V‘s 33 million shipped units helped its publisher rake in a record-setting amount of revenue. Then, following that big reveal, an unannounced ‘current-gen’ project was hinted at.

Below is a quote from said call, which doesn’t provide any details, or hint at any specific project. We’re just assuming it’s a made-over version of Grand Theft Auto V, because that’s what the rumours suggest.

“We’re excited about what [we] have in store for the new generation of systems this fiscal year,” stated Mr. Zelnick

Hopefully we’ll learn more from Rockstar at next month’s E3 expo. For now, though, all we can do is speculate.