Rockstar Has Officially Confirmed Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas For Xbox 360

grand theft auto san andreas (1)

Yesterday’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas achievement leak wasn’t an accident, as Rockstar itself has confirmed that a remastered version of the classic sandbox action game is headed to Xbox 360’s Games on Demand service. In fact, it’s even received a release date, although no pricing details have been revealed.

If you’re like me — a longtime Grand Theft Auto fan who cannot wait to get his hands on this new version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas — you’ll want to circle October 26 on your calendars. Yes, that’s the revealed release date I mentioned above, and yes, it happens to be this very Sunday! To say that I’m excited would be an understatement. I can’t even count how many hours I spent with the PS2 original, parachuting out of planes and onto the ‘Las Vegas’ strip.

It seems that the decision was made to remaster and re-release Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas once Rockstar realized that the game’s ten-year anniversary was coming up. Thus began the process of converting the masterpiece to 720p, improving its visuals, adding to its draw distances and creating its achievement list. Let’s just hope that it does well, and paves the way for an upgraded version of Vice City – my personal favourite.